Chiropractic Techniques

We offer a number of highly effective techniques at Sydney Spinal Care Maroubra to improve your health and spinal bio-mechanics at our office.  The technique used varies between patients, and treatment and technique are tailor made to the individual’s needs from our many years of experience.  Some techniques used are:

Find Out More About Gonstead Chiropractic

While we use elements of the Gonstead Chiropractic technique, we also combine this with a variety of other techniques, depending on your case and what we think the best treatment options may be.

What is Gonstead Chiropractic?

The Gonstead method of Chiropractic gives a trained Chiropractor a set of very useful guidelines to practice effective case management from collecting the patient’s history, carrying out relevant tests and developing and executing the appropriate health care plan. The guidelines are derived from Dr. Gonstead’s observations during his extensive clinical experience over 55 years in practice.

How does Gonstead chiropractic differ to regular chiropractic?

During treatment, Gonstead sytem chiropractors avoid twisting the spine. Instead, practitioners use precise movements to adjust specific vertebrae. Another difference between the Gonstead system and other techniques is that neck adjustments are made in the seated position.

What should the patient expect from care under this method as well as others like this

The Gonstead approach as well as many other forms of chiropractic is full spine chiropractic. This means that Gonstead trained chiropractors don’t just examine the area that hurts. They recognise that problems in one area of the spine can cause symptoms elsewhere in the body and examine the body accordingly.

Your chiropractor is concerned with locating problem areas in the spine (and other joints) that chiropractors term “subluxation”. Chiropractors identify these areas where there is impaired spinal or joint function with inflammation, lack of mobility and interference to normal nerve activity.

Chiropractor’s aim is to correct the subluxation, so that your body can function more normally and resume it’s natural healing process.